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Years of Experience
Years of Creativity



At the Schuler Scholar Program I worked as a Marketing Assistant and created biweekly newsletters, designed event flyers, wrote ad copy and provided programming support for arts and crafts workshops.

Completed my second internship at iSEE, where I Co-authored a guidebook for the BRAVE campaign, developed workshop syllabi, and created a research database for iSEE’s knowledge base on gender-based violence.

During my intership at Generations For Peace I gave voice to peace-builders by conducting interviews and writting weekly blogs on youth initiatives in Tunisia, Ghana and Rwanda.

I also authored a pivotal article in the Middle East Monitor, tackling racial discrimination in Tunisian society.

During my study abroad program in Rabat, Morocco, in the School of International Training I completed a 40-page independent study project on the experiences of Sub-Saharan women as migrants in Morocco.

During my  work there I also amplified important stories while immersing myself in Moroccan culture and Studing Arabic and Darija, Morocco’s dialect of Arabic.

While working at Bsmart I edited multiple weekly blog posts, pitched and researched online articles on gender issues while also serving as the art director by selecting images for articles.


Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois

Bellevue University, Galvin, Omaha


Scholar Coaching
Research and Content Development
Marketing and Communications
3D Modeling
Graphic Design
Web Design
Video Editing

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Microsoft Suite
3D Studio Max
Substance Painter
Substance Designer
Premiere Pro

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Listen Wholeheartedly


Guna Yala islanders in a moral tug of war over tourism, climate change​

Guna Yala islanders in a moral tug of war over tourism, climate change The Guna, a native people of Panama, live on dozens of idyllic islands in the Caribbean, grappling with the challenges posed by globalization and welcoming travelers seeking out more ...


Racial discrimination: Translating Tunisia legislation to community practice

Racial discrimination: Translating Tunisia legislation to community practice Six months after Tunisia became the first Arab country to criminalise racial discrimination, with a law passed by the nearly unanimous vote of Tunisian Parliament, many Tunisians are recognising that it will take time for...