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As a prospective Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University, I bring a wealth of diverse experiences that showcase my commitment to empowering underrepresented communities.

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I offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to empower and educate, including scholar coaching, marketing and communications, research and content development, as well as editorial and writing services. With a small team of dedicated designers, we collaborate to elevate your brand through visually appealing designs that complement our strategic content solutions.


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Guna Yala islanders in a moral tug of war over tourism, climate change​

Guna Yala islanders in a moral tug of war over tourism, climate change The Guna, a native people of Panama, live on dozens of idyllic islands in the Caribbean, grappling with the challenges posed by globalization and welcoming travelers seeking out more ...


Racial discrimination: Translating Tunisia legislation to community practice

Racial discrimination: Translating Tunisia legislation to community practice Six months after Tunisia became the first Arab country to criminalise racial discrimination, with a law passed by the nearly unanimous vote of Tunisian Parliament, many Tunisians are recognising that it will take time for...


In every story, there's a lesson waiting to be learned and a voice waiting to be heard. Be the author of your own empowerment and the advocate of positive change.


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